EMC bought Greenplum

EMC said today that it will acquire private data warehousing company Greenplum in an all-cash transaction, though the terms of the deal were not released. It said that Greenplum will “form the foundation of a new data computing product division within EMC’s Information Infrastructure business.” It’s no secret that digital data is on the rise, Continue reading EMC bought Greenplum

On Solaris

Over the years that I’ve been developing on unix platforms I’ve come in contact with quite a few… Linux (from 2.2 upwards), FreeBSD (version 4 upwards), Solaris (8, 9, 10 on both SPARC and x86), OS X, AIX, HPUX and even VMS. Even though I’ve come into contact with these I’ve not really gotten to Continue reading On Solaris

Triple Parity Raid

In an effort to catch up on links. Adam talks about triple parity RAID (raidz3) in an ACM queue article. When RAID systems were developed in the 1980s and 1990s, reconstruction times were measured in minutes. The trend for the past 10 years is quite clear regardless of the drive speed or its market segment: Continue reading Triple Parity Raid

On Cloud Standards, Transparency and Data Mobility

I was on a panel last week talking about the role of infrastructure and “The Cloud” in online gaming (and I’m talking “fun” games, like Farmville, not online gambling). One of the questions was “What do you think about cloud interoperability and standards?”. To which I asked, “What do you mean?” “Well, what do you Continue reading On Cloud Standards, Transparency and Data Mobility

The “Cloud” is supposed to be better than the “Real”

In my weekly reading of posts around this mighty collection of tubes, pipes and cans connected by shoestrings, the thing most call The Internets™, I came across “Why we moved away from “the cloud” to a “real” server”  from the fellows at Boxed Ice. They have a server metrics and monitoring service named Server Density.  Their Continue reading The “Cloud” is supposed to be better than the “Real”

100,000 Joyent Accelerators

We just delivered the 100,000th Joyent Accelerator to a customer. That’s a big milestone. Congratulations to the Joyent team. And congratulations to our customers who are doing such interesting things with Joyent Accelerators, everyone from Prince (the artist known as), to all the Facebook developers, to the many enterprise shops removing the barriers of IT Continue reading 100,000 Joyent Accelerators

Structure 09 in SF

I’m moderating the first panel of the day at Om’s Structure09 conference today. If you’re at the conference please make sure you say “Hi”.