100,000 Joyent Accelerators

We just delivered the 100,000th Joyent Accelerator to a customer. That’s a big milestone. Congratulations to the Joyent team. And congratulations to our customers who are doing such interesting things with Joyent Accelerators, everyone from Prince (the artist known as), to all the Facebook developers, to the many enterprise shops removing the barriers of IT Continue reading 100,000 Joyent Accelerators

Billions Served: Joyent Accelerators a Real Platform for Growth

Mark Mayo of Joyent gave a presentation yesterday evening at a Facebook developer garage in Vancouver, Canada. One statistic from his presentation really stands out. Joyent provides on-demand infrastructure for one application serving nearly one billion page views per month. One billion. Moreover, the infrastructure cost for that application is just over $10K per month. Continue reading Billions Served: Joyent Accelerators a Real Platform for Growth

DTrace for Ruby is available

In previous posts we’ve mentioned we’re working on a full Ruby DTrace provider set for Ruby 1.8.5. We’ve finished a solid base set of probes and it is ready for general consumption. The subversion repository is at http://svn.joyent.com/ruby-dtrace. The repository contains: The full Ruby 1.8.5 source with DTrace probes (http://svn.joyent.com/ruby-dtrace/ruby-1.8.5) Diffs (http://svn.joyent.com/ruby-dtrace/patches) Binaries (http://svn.joyent.com/ruby-dtrace/binaries/solaris) Examples Continue reading DTrace for Ruby is available