I am a senior business executive and entrepreneur that focuses on technology. I have experience in strategy, operations, engineering, product, support, sales, corporate development and business development. Deeply experienced in intellectual property development, transfer and licensing.

I have a demonstrated history of discovering new technologies and talent.

I keep track of my business contacts on Linkedin.

I was an outside director of the WordPress Foundation and can be found on Twitter when not flying across an ocean in an aisle seat. I live in Los Gatos with my wife and kids, and hobby-wise I’m a long-time (25-30 years) weightlifter, aikidoka and judoka.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dr H, I thought of you when my dear friend sent me a vidi of the dozen choice wines his Traverse City friends shared with him. The d’Yquem caught my eye and I thought of you. The good old days. Hope you are well and prospering, dean from The Big Four.

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