Comparing Virtual Machines is Like Comparing Cars: It Doesn’t Get to their Actual Utility or Value

A BMW and a Yugo are both cars. In a Yugo, “carpet” was listed as a feature. Enough said.

McCrory recently blogged a Public Cloud hourly cost comparison comparing Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace and Joyent. I’m happy to see Joyent included in such great company but the comparisons are between “VMs.” As stated by Alistair Croll, “the VM is a convenient, dangerous unit of measure dragging the physical world into the virtual.” And as I’ve said before, the “machine,” either physical or virtual, is a poor measure for capacity planning and actual costs. Just like how a “fiber” is a poor measure of bandwidth. (Remember when the internet was the “cloud” depicted in slides?)

As a criticism, we still do a poor job of making this clear.

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