Monthly Archives: August 2010


I was reading “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet” today and a good response on gigaom. To a number of people, “the web” = HTTP. And HTTP as a protocol on the Internets has clearly won. The fun thing to notice is that “the web” to Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff is just […]

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The “machine” needs to die

I was reading this. The “computer machine” as our base unit of work is a shitty unit. What I typically want is – Agility and flexibility – Performance and scale – Business continuity and taking a resource pricing point of view for dev, test, staging and DR. – Business and security best practices baked into […]

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Oracle and OpenSolaris: A Kernel of Truth

@nevali on Twitter asked a question that we’ve heard from many customers, so I’m writing a response to everyone, though none of you need to worry. His question is, “As a long time Open Solaris stalwart, I do wonder what @Joyent’s perspective on the post-Oracle-takeover world is.” In many ways, we’re happy to have seen […]

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