Monthly Archives: June 2009

Structure 09 in SF

I’m moderating the first panel of the day at Om’s Structure09 conference today. If you’re at the conference please make sure you say “Hi”.

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What I would want a “cloud” to do for me: a functional view

I was on a panel at Enterprise 2.0 yesterday about “Cloud Computing” providers and wanted to take the entire definite of “what is cloud computing?” from a different perspective. As a consumer, I fundamentally want the entire technology stack for an application to Just work Just scale Just tell me everything Just works means that […]

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Cloud Computing is actually Transparent Computing: there’s shouldn’t be anything cloudy about it

A little over a year ago Joyent was identified in a Forrester report as one of ten “Cloud Computing” companies to watch. The report was really the beginning of “Cloud Computing” being applied to those of us doing infrastructure and I think marks the point in time when the term really began to appear in […]

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