What is Cloud Computing?

We went to the Web 2.0 Expo and asked “What is Cloud Computing ?”. YouTube has a high definition version of What is Cloud Computing

Check out what the following people had to say:

What do you think Cloud Computing is?

9 thoughts on “What is Cloud Computing?

  1. >>“What do you think Cloud Computing is?”

    It’s pretty much everything Amazon EC2 is.

    It allows both dynamic vertical AND horizontal scaling, as well as limitless persistent storage and is statically addressable.

  2. Its like electricity and turning on an welder – you prepare your metal first, without considering how much electricity you will use.

    That makes it a limitless resource where I only have to buy what I need for the next few seconds. It is something where I can take my $5 or $50,000 and do some computing, then sit down and figure out if I can leverage that computing so that I can generate a return on my investment.

    Right now it EC2 is the obvious example – I can run some tasks on a $0.40/hour sever, then try it on an $0.80/server and learn that I could just run four to eight $0.10/hour servers with better results.

    In cloud computing the barrier to entry should be so low that it is non-important – regardless of your investment level.

    As a final note, it is something where I can ask for more or less instantaneously without a commitment or human interaction.

    And a final PS – what does social media have to do with cloud computing? That is just a use that happens to leverage it at this time.

  3. Having burbled something to Rod’s camera, I went off and researched cloud computing.

    Discovered that what I said to the camera was only a tiny part of what cloud computing is. (Apart from being the latest industry buzzword, of course.)

    Embarrassed? Moi? Certainly. But I can live with it.

  4. Excellent video! In this time when the term “cloud computing” is the current “hype du jour” it’s nice to see a piece like this that gives a flavor of what it’s all about. Nice job putting the video together.

    What is cloud computing? Simple… it’s our future.


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