Monthly Archives: April 2008

Rod Boothby Talks Cloud Computing at Web 2.0 Expo

Rod and I also held several interviews at the show – including Tim O’Reilly, Kevin Marks, Steve Gillmore, Dan Farber, and Rafe Needleman trying to get public opinion on ‘What is Cloud Computing’. We will be posting that video shortly as there is some good stuff in there. Disclosure: That handsome fella interviewing him happens […]

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The wonders of fb:ref and iRules: Serving pages from Facebook’s cache

I wanted to introduce or remind everyone of the fb:ref markup tag and how through the use of iRules in our BIG-IPs we can offload the serving of common pages to facebook’s cache. Importantly this can happen without having to hit or rewrite your application, and is implemented in really fast, robust, edge “application switches”. […]

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