Joyent DTrace Probes for Ruby in Apple’s Leopard

We are looking forward to installing Leopard on our Macintoshes here at Joyent this weekend. We talked in the recent episode of ps pipe grep about the effort at Sun to ensure Solaris is a good operating system for laptop computers. (Cricket sounds).

But seriously, now that OS X 10.5 (Leopard) is shipping (today), with DTrace probes for Ruby from Joyent, Macintosh laptops, now more than ever, are the platform for web application development. Especially Ruby/Rails applications.

Joyent is pleased to have contributed the DTrace probes for Ruby that are used in Leopard. The same probes are available on our Accelerators. Purrrrrr.

4 responses to “Joyent DTrace Probes for Ruby in Apple’s Leopard”

  1. Your missing the point on why Laptop support is important for Solaris: developers. Some of us would like to develop with Solaris and not be chained to a desk.

    BTW, I had OpenSolaris working very well on my Sony TR1a. The ONLY feature I did not have was suspend. Otherwise it was great and that was well over a year ago.

  2. sure you can develop with Solaris on a laptop. get an Accelerator and do it remotely! the best of all worlds.

  3. Why not use VMware to run solaris on your laptop?

    That’s idea for a developer, since they can make changes – then revert to a previous image to start clean again.

  4. That’s exactly what I do Tim. I.e. VMware Fusion on my MacBook Pro. The snapshot feature is handy for rolling back, but my favorite part is that I can create a new VM for new releases of Nevada without having to worry about blowing up my existing, working OpenSolaris VM. Handy.

    There’s a performance hit compared to running “native”, sure, but the flexibility if offers is pretty hard to beat.