Monthly Archives: October 2007

NetApp versus Sun, Sun versus NetApp, and Both versus Common Sense

As you might have heard and likely read in the back-and-forth blogging of Dave Hitz (a NetApp founder) and Jonathan Schwartz (CEO of Sun Microsystems), the two are at each other’s throats. Well not really at each other’s throats: NetApp went nuclear and Sun hit back even harder. Basically NetApp says that Sun’s ZFS steals […]

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Joyent DTrace Probes for Ruby in Apple’s Leopard

We are looking forward to installing Leopard on our Macintoshes here at Joyent this weekend. We talked in the recent episode of ps pipe grep about the effort at Sun to ensure Solaris is a good operating system for laptop computers. (Cricket sounds). But seriously, now that OS X 10.5 (Leopard) is shipping (today), with […]

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Using DTrace on MySQL

Even though there aren’t DTrace probes for MySQL released yet, we can still get useful information from MySQL. DTrace has a pid provider which allows us to get into any function the program is executing and see it’s arguments. The only drawback is you have to go digging around in the source code to find […]

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