DTrace for Ruby 1.8.6

Earlier this week we released a patch that adds DTrace capability to Ruby 1.8.5. We chose 1.8.5 because it’s what we’ve been using in production, though 1.8.6 is the latest stable release.

It now brings me tremendous pleasure to release a patch against Ruby 1.8.6. You’ll find it in the same repository as the other patch:

The probes are the same for the 1.8.5 patch. We will be building 1.8.6 binaries shortly and you’ll find them in the same place as the 1.8.5 binaries.

The patches for 1.8.5 and 1.8.6 are released under the same license as Ruby.


3 responses to “DTrace for Ruby 1.8.6”

  1. Nice turn around time on the probes for 1.8.6. I just upgraded my Solaris box to the latest stable Ruby yesterday. Your release of these probes has finally prompted me to start learning DTrace. Thanks.

  2. Cool! I’ve been wondering if you are running a new enough build of Nevada that your customers can use DTrace inside their accelerators? And whether you grant these containers the dtrace_user and dtrace_proc privileges as part of your standard installation?

  3. @ Dan, yes we run build 62 and we do grant privileges.