OK nginx is cool

For the simple reason that it’s the only static web server I’ve seen that supports Solaris’s Event Ports events { worker_connections 1024; use eventport; } I’m cutting over the ton of static servers we have to it. If you’re interested in a x86/64 build for Solaris http://assets1.joyent.com/opt-nginx-amd64-build.tgz http://assets1.joyent.com/opt-pcre7-amd64-build.tgz Just drop it in place $ ln Continue reading OK nginx is cool

On Accelerators

Fundamental Philosophy and Origin Accelerators rose from two needs: a standardized stack capable of serving our own growing applications and the appearance last year of large companies and startups needing “enterprise rails”. Our applications, like Strongspace and the Joyent Connector are over 2 years old now, were some of the earliest revenue-generating Rails applications and Continue reading On Accelerators

How to completely ruin a great piece of server kit (regarding the Sun X4200 M2)

Here’s how you do it. First, you take what is considered a pinnacle of x86 server design, the glorious x4200 where every single chip has been selected for maximum reliability and performance. Like, say, the quad on-board Intel Gigabit Ethernet chips. Then, you create a new revision called the x4200 “M2” and replace the first Continue reading How to completely ruin a great piece of server kit (regarding the Sun X4200 M2)