9.5 hours until Java is open-sourced

Sun is releasing the source to Java SE, Java ME, and Glassfish in nine and a half hours, and then releasing the rest of the stuff around the spring of 2007.

Most interestingly they’re releasing it under the GPLv2 license. Floyd Marinescu has a great explanation as to ‘Why GPL?’.

Once it hit midnight eastern here I noticed a bunch of news articles coming out on the wire about it. CNET’s news.com, Javaworld, Mercury News, and the AP’s Tech Wire and I’m sure more are covering the news.

If you’re interested there is a webcast with Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green at 930am PST.

One response to “9.5 hours until Java is open-sourced”

  1. Can’t wait for Java in Jails.

    (ha ha.)