Jason Hoffman’s European Rails Conf Presentation

The Rails Conference in London was great fun.

The only downside is that I spent my last day there ill, and it’s only now (about 9 days later) that I’m starting to feel OK. Mind you, I still completely barfed (correction: projectile vomited) up lunch today and have a nagging cough, a cough that while better was bad enough last week that I ended up at the hospital for a bit.

Some highlights of the trip for me.

I actually aways enjoy the underground. It’s a great thing that has no equivalent on the US’s West Coast.

I stayed in a very cozy room right across the street from the venue. Perfect.

We had about 15 people come out to a pub for a Joyent/TextDrive meetup. Dean even flew over from France for the night and made it. It’s always a delight to be able to both have a beer with him and with our peoples.

I had a Stilton cheese and pickle sandwich.

I managed to capture Simon’s devil eyes when presented with the tray of whiskeys.

I did get to meet and have a 2 hour conversation about start-ups with David Axmark, one of the co-founders of MySQL. Very interesting guy. His business card says that he is MySQL’s “OpenSorcerer”. That’s quite geek-cool.

I think Evan’s (the man known as Rabble) talk about Integrating Asterisk and Rails was great.

Dave Thomas, in his keynote, showed that he’s the Godfather. Pure and simple.

Duncan not only gave a great keynote but I had the chance to have both lunch and dinner with him. There aren’t many like him out there in InternetLand, and it great to sit around and talk both shop and non-shop.

I got my hair cut at a place that could have ended up bad. But was just fine. The nice girl who cut my hair was Australian (from Melbourne).

I got to see the Rosetta Stone (an incredible stone) at the British Museum and accompanying me was Chris Heuer.

Chris happened to also be in London. Chris is behind BrainJams and both the past Web 2.1 and future Web 2.2 conferences.

And I once again got to meet and bump into one user after the other. When given a chance, I gave them a hug and thanked them for making all possible.

Ah yeah. I also gave a talk. It was about a System Administrator-kinda view of Ruby on Rails applications, and about some things we’ve both discovered, made decisions about et cetera. If you find an error or typo, or have any other questions, comments or concerns about it, please let me know.

Jason Hoffman EuroRailsConf.pdf

{download should be fixed}

14 responses to “Jason Hoffman’s European Rails Conf Presentation”

  1. Olivier Gutknecht Avatar

    Mmmh.. I’m unable to download it (Safari, curl). Always breaks with 562551 bytes remaining to read.

  2. Breakage on Safari here too, and error in Opera. :o(

    Incomplete upload perhaps Jason?

  3. Ah, maybe it’s you who gave me this evil cold! I’ve had the lurgy since just after RailsConf too! I know I got a lot out of your talk, but maybe that was too much… šŸ™‚

    Thanks for delivering a fantastic talk. I’ve recently reintroduced myself to the wonders of Solaris—ZFS in particular—and you have given me the impetus to take my experimentation further.

    I’d intended to pop along to the TextDrive meetup. Not that I’m a customer (yet), but I did want to pick your brains about a data-heavy application I’m planning. Unfortunately, I got press-ganged into another pub. Next time, eh?

  4. That whiskey was such a bad idea. My head felt like the back end of a badger the next day.

  5. Ummm, I was able to download the pdf, but when I tried opening it in Preview I got an “Unable to open document” error. Same thing happened in Acrobat reader…..

  6. (That means you weren’t able to download the pdf.) I’m getting the same problem.

  7. Also can not open on Acrobat 5 PC (I’ve downloaded it to my desktop).

  8. Thanks Guys. The download should work now.

  9. @mathie absolutely next time.

  10. Jason, that must’ve been some presentation. As a guy working towards starting my own hosting service, you have opened my eyes to a lot of things that I had not considered previously. Is there any chance that there is video available from your presentation?

  11. Sorry viperteq, I’m afraid there’s not a video of it.

  12. FYI Websense is blocking the new url as web based email:

    Your organization’s Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

    The Websense category “Web-based Email” is filtered.

    URL: http://svn.joyent.com/public/JasonHoffman-EuroRailsConf.pdf

  13. Iolaire: I doubt websense cares about my domain name so you can get it here

  14. Jacques (bsdguru) pointed us to the audio (of what I believe to be this talk) at odeo .

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