We’ll be in London in September for RailsConf Europe 2006

The talks schedule is out for the first Rails Conference in Europe and both Koz and I are giving talks.

I’ll be talking about Ruby On Rails Applications: A Systems View and Koz is called Playing Nice with Others .

My talk is related to the Scale with rails work and God knows what Koz’s about.

I’ll be putting a few days on both sides of the trip and want to make sure I’m able to buy each textdrive/joyent customer a pint or two or three.

I’m staying at the Radisson Edwardian Kenilworth Hotel and will in London from Wednesday the 13th through Sunday the 17th.

If anyone has some ideas let me know.

7 responses to “We’ll be in London in September for RailsConf Europe 2006”

  1. There are a couple of bars near where you’re staying that have decent beer (better than the bog standard large chain stuff). The Porterhouse in Covent Garden is an independent with a huge beer menu and a rabbit warren of a premises.

    The Champion , just off Oxford Street, tends to be a lot cheaper than most of the bars round that area (quite handy if you’re buying us all a beer).

    You’re in a perfect location to do a spot of sightseeing too. The Thames and Victoria Embankment are only a short walk away and the London Eye is always worth a go, although not if you suffer from vertigo.

    I’ll have a Guinness please *;)

  2. I won’t be going to RailsConf, but I can be in London for either Wednesday or Thursday evening for a JoyBeer or three if something can be worked out!

  3. Actually, make that just Wednesday evening I’m free, but I would love to meet up if you are around.

  4. OK, next you need to get yourself to DC…

  5. I live in London and I’m definitely not missing the opportunity that the Rails Conf offers! I’ve been a Textdriver since my first $5 plan, and Jason and Dean’s success with Textdrive has been my inspiration to quit my current job and get into business myself, so I’d love to meet for a beer if a plan comes together.

  6. Shame you’re not there a little earlier – you could of made it to the September London 2.0 meet-up1 (ahead of d.construct and the Google Automated Testing Conference).

    1 – http://www.magpiebrain.com/blog/2006/08/03/london-20-rc-7-tuesday-the-5th-of-september/

  7. Just to cross-post, Jason’s attending this informal meet.

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